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Hearing Health Services in Elmira, Ontario

69 Arthur Street South
Elmira, Ontario CA N3B 2M8

Phone: 519-669-4425

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Elmira location
Did You Know?

Fun facts about this location:

A volunteer winds the clock twice a week (127 turns each time)! It is very heavy. Formerly, this building was a police station. The basement holds the old town jail, as well as the police rifle range where they had target practice.

Walk Through Our Clinic

We are committed to providing high quality hearing care to adults and children. Take a walk through our Elmira Clock Tower Wellness Centre to experience to be introduced to the Ear & Hearing Clinic experience.

Our Hearing Services At Our Elmira Clinic

Retirement Home Hearing Division

Our Retirement Home Division has mobile clinics staffed by experienced professionals who regularly visit communities across Southern Ontario. With our convenient in-residence care, residents can enjoy all the benefits of improved hearing without leaving the comfort of their familiar surroundings.

Adult Hearing Assessment

During our comprehensive adult hearing assessments at our Elmira location, we’ll assess your hearing health, discuss your concerns, and recommend next steps – all in a comfortable environment. Don’t let hearing loss go unnoticed. Schedule your hearing assessment today!

Pediatric Hearing Assessment

We specialize in hearing care for all ages, including infants! Our Elmira cliinic pediatric audiologists use age-appropriate testing methods for accurate results for your child. We offer comprehensive hearing assessments and work closely with families to find the best solutions for any hearing needs.

Hearing Aids and Hearing Assistive Technology

We offer advanced hearing aids and assistive devices at our Elmira location to improve your ability to hear and connect in everyday situations. Our experienced staff will work with you to find the perfect solution for your needs and lifestyle, whether it’s basic hearing support, or background noise reduction.

Ear Wax Removal

Earwax buildup can be annoying! Our safe and gentle earwax removal service can help. Our Elmira clinic get your hearing back on track quickly and comfortably, usually in just one appointment.

Custom Ear Plugs

Regular earplugs don’t always cut it. Our custom ear plugs provide a perfect, comfortable fit for all-day wear. Whether you need noise reduction for work, travel, or sleep, we have options to suit your needs. Choose from various noise reduction levels and colors for personalized hearing protection.

Tinnitus and Decreased Sound Tolerance Assessment and Treatment

Tinnitus and sound sensitivity can be disruptive. Our Elmira clinic provides comprehensive assessments to diagnose the cause and offer personalized treatment plans. This may include tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) to help you manage your hearing health and find relief.

Central Auditory Processing Assessment

Central auditory processing disorder (APD) can make understanding speech in noisy environments difficult. We offer assessments for diagnosing APD in children (7+) and adults. This can identify the cause of your hearing issues and suggest solutions for better hearing.

Dizziness Assessment and Treatment

Experiencing dizziness or imbalance can be disorienting and disrupt daily activities. Our Elmira Ear & Hearing Clinic offers comprehensive assessments to determine if the root cause of your dizziness originates from inner ear dysfunction. 

Aural Rehabilitation

Our aural rehabilitation program empowers you to adjust to hearing loss and improve your communication skills. Through educational workshops, communication training, and support groups, you’ll learn strategies to manage hearing challenges and reconnect with the world around you.

Other Clinic Locations

Phone: 519-743-7000

629-1187 Fischer-Hallman Rd.
Building 600, 2nd Floor
Kitchener, Ontario CA N2E 4H9

Kitchener location

Phone: 519-417-7000

107 William Street, Unit B
Palmerston, Ontario N0G 2P0

Palmerston location

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