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Custom Ear Plugs

It is important to safeguard your hearing, whether you work in a noisy industrial setting, love live music, frequent traveling, or simply require peace and quiet. Our custom ear plugs are designed to fit your ears perfectly, ensuring all-day comfort with noise reduction ratings (NRR) tailored to your specific needs. Choose from various colours for a personalized style.

Why protect your ears from noise?

Noise induced hearing loss is a common, yet preventable condition. Prolonged exposure to loud sounds can cause permanent damage to the delicate structures in your ears, resulting in diminished quality of life and communication difficulties. Noise damage can also cause tinnitus or diplacusis. If you are a musician, your ears are your most important tool. Hearing protection not only preserves your auditory health but also ensures you can continue to enjoy the sounds of life and maintain your overall well-being.

Custom ear plugs of various colours

Types of Custom Ear Plugs

Swim Plugs

Used to help keep water out of the ears during surface swimming or showering/bathing in the case of an eardrum perforation or chronic swimmer’s ear. Floatable.

Musician’s Plugs

Designed to protect ears from damaging levels of music while preserving a natural sound quality. Specific needs will depend on whether they are for listening or performance and, if performance, what type of instrument is played.

Sleep Plugs

Extra soft in the canal plugs to block out unwanted noises (and snores) to support restful sleep.

Noise / Workplace Plugs

Custom noise plugs can provide an NRR of up to 26 dB and are more comfortable for all-day wear and easier to insert than a foam earplug.

Shooting / Hunting Plugs

Designed to reduce the intensity of gunshot noise while allowing wearers to maintain awareness of their surroundings, such as conversations and environmental cues. Specialty electronic hunters plugs allow for the amplification of low-level ambient sounds while still protecting against impulse noises.

Specialty Plugs

If you need an aviation earpiece, or custom covers for the ear buds that won’t stay in your ears, we’ve got you covered!

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