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Hearing Aids and Assistive Listening Technology

Treating hearing loss involves more than just hearing aids. Our audiologists work closely with you to ensure you can make informed decisions about your hearing health to meet your unique needs, whether that involves hearing aids, assistive listening devices, or rehabilitation strategies. They will walk you through what options are most suitable for you based on your degree of hearing loss and lifestyle.

Hearing Aids

Modern hearing aids have undergone remarkable advancements, making them smaller, more comfortable, and highly sophisticated. Gone are the days of bulky, conspicuous, noisy devices; today’s hearing aids are discreet and sleek, designed to fit comfortably in or behind the ear.

Assistive Listening Technology

Improve your ability to hear or communicate, with or without hearing aids. A wide assortment of assistive devices are available to support hearing speech clearly, listening to the television or phone, hearing in background noise, or enhancing personal safety.

Lyric™ - Invisible Hearing Aid

Out of sight and out of mind! The Lyric is a specialty device that can provide invisible, natural sound 24/7 for months at a time with no daily maintenance.

Bone Conduction Hearing Aids

For individuals with conductive hearing loss, bone conduction hearing aids bypass the damaged or obstructed parts of the ear and deliver sound to the inner ear directly.

Roger™ Wireless Microphones

Wireless, remote microphones transmit clear and enhanced speech directly to a person’s hearing aids or cochlear implants. This technology helps individuals better understand conversations in difficult listening situations such as noisy restaurants, lectures, or group meetings by reducing background noise and improving speech clarity.

Remote Adjustments

Sometimes patients find it difficult to make it into a clinic for an appointment or need support from home. We offer remote hearing aid adjustments and virtual appointments so that our patients are able to reach us from anywhere.

Book Your Hearing Health Check Appointment

Book your appointment online, by calling 1-833-669-4425 for more appointment options and availability or by texting 226-220-7982

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