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Bone Conduction Hearing Aids

A bone conduction hearing aid is a device that sends sound directly through the skull to the inner ear. For individuals whose hearing loss is primarily conductive, a bone anchored hearing aid may be a better choice than a traditional hearing aid to give clear, natural-sounding access to the auditory environment. A bone anchored hearing aid may also be an option for individuals with single-sided-deafness, or those with chronic middle ear drainage.

A bone conduction hearing aid is typically ‘anchored’ to the skull when clipped onto a small abutment screw or connected to a magnet that is surgically implanted into the skull by an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor (otolaryngologist). This offers the best sound quality. However, bone anchored hearing aids can also be worn on a soft band for those who are still too young for surgery, or those hoping to avoid surgery altogether.

Alison Burton

Alison Burton has been fitting bone anchored hearing aids for adults and children out of our Kitchener location for over ten years.

Oticon Ponto System

Oticon Ponto system

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