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Well Hearing is Well Being

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Good hearing and communication are important through all stages of life

Statistics Canada reports that 21% of adults have mild hearing loss2 whereas 7% of adults2 experience “moderate or worse” hearing loss. And hearing loss is generally prevalent over age 50. Hearing loss can be avoided through preventative actions like protecting your ears from loud sounds, practicing healthy ear care and keeping up with immunizations.

Those at risk of hearing loss should have their hearing checked regularly because hearing loss can be addressed easily when it is identified in a timely manner.

How can you take control of your hearing health? What are steps you can take to maintain healthy hearing?

Here are 5 tips to help you have healthy hearing…

01 Book acomprehensive hearing exam.

Just like your eyesight, you need to have yearly comprehensive hearing tests, especially as you age. Book a comprehensive hearing exam in our clinic for a thorough hearing health evaluation.

02 Protect your ears.

Avoid hearing damage from loud or environmental sounds by using the correct ear protection. Did you know there are earplugs for every lifestyle? We offer different earplugs for loud entertainment venues, hunting, motorsport events, noisy workplace environments and even just to quiet the background
noise so you can focus or sleep better.

03 Understanding decibels as a Hearing thermometer.

Based on a setting you are in know when noises safe to damaging per WSIB Ontario.

04 Refrain from using Q-tips.

This is not a myth, but a fact! Improper Q-tip use may lead to damaging your ear canal or worse, hearing loss. If you have ear wax that needs removed, visit your hearing health care professional.

05 Turn the volume down on your music.

When listening to music, turn it up so you can hear it comfortably, but no higher. It is recommended to use earphones or headphones for no more than an hour at a time,4 taking a break for at least 5 minutes every hour.

Our clinic is happy to offer a comprehensive hearing exam, provide custom hearing protection and hearing aid appointments for fittings, repairs, consultations and more.

Book Your Hearing Health Check Appointment

Book your appointment online, by calling 1-833-669-4425 for more appointment options and availability or by texting 226-220-7982

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