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“Personal sound amplification products” (PSAPs) are over-the-counter hearing assistance devices that include software and tools ranging from smartphone apps to wireless headsets. While they tend to be less expensive than conventional hearing instruments, they are not considered to be medical devices and do not meet the same standards. PSAPs also do not require diagnostic testing by a hearing professional or the help of an audiologist to adjust their settings. Thus, PSAP users are on their own when it comes to making sound adjustments, which poses the potential to cause additional hearing damage by over-amplifying sharp noises. Some PSAPs are inconvenient and intrusive, such as requiring holding a microphone up to another person’s face. You get what you pay for.

P.S. PSAPs are less costly because they are unregulated and not customized to an individual’s needs.

Today, there are more choices than ever before for consumers purchasing hearing instruments. How do you decide which is the right kind for you? The best way is to place your trust in the hands of a board-certified audiologist with a reputation for skill, knowledge, compassion, and integrity. As registered members of the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario, we believe you’ll find this EAR & HEARING CLINIC. And be sure to ask about the amazing Lyric® Hearing Instrument, popularly known as the contact lens for your ear…find out why!

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