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It’s Time to Give the Gift of Hearing

We’ve selected the winner of Ear & Hearing Clinic’s annual Gift of Hearing contest! Before introducing this year’s lucky recipient of  FREE hearing aids, we want to thank everyone who took the time to enter.

There are many kind and caring people in our community who truly live the sentiment behind Gift of Hearing: “To hear every sound is to live a fulfilling life. Reward a friend with the gift of hearing.” We received quite a few heartfelt nominations, once again making the choice of a winner a difficult one.

Our 2017 winner, John Leibold, was nominated by a friend, who worries about him. She said: “He rides his e-bike 30K to work in all weather, down the very dangerous Hwy 6. To me, this is terrifying, since his hearing loss is substantial. I fear for his safety, however, he must get to work! When I visit this couple, John is in a world of his own. He must wear headphones to hear his beloved Blue Jays games, & often sits with the sound completely off, just watching only. He feels there’s no point in having his hearing tested, if he can’t afford the hearing aids.”

As one of five siblings who have all developed early hearing loss, John is now experiencing things he has seen others in his family go through. For instance, his nomination letter mentioned the great frustration hearing loss causes John in trying to interact with others.

Why doesn’t John already have hearing aids? They’re too much of a stretch financially—so much so, that he has seen no point in having his hearing tested.

Helping people overcome situations like John’s is exactly what Gift of Hearing is all about. It is our pleasure to help John take a step toward getting back behind the wheel, back into the wonderful conversations of life and back to being able to hear his beloved Blue Jays when their games are on the air!




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