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By some estimates, up to three-quarters of the hearing instruments being purchased today are of the “behind the ear” (BTE) style, which is valued for its comfort, discretion, and high battery life. However, these types of hearing instruments are exposed to wind that creates noise in the wearer’s ear. The good news is that technology makes it possible to suppress these sounds, thereby making BTE hearing instruments more enjoyable to wear outdoors. This “wind noise reduction” is made possible by the development of smaller and more efficient computer chips, which carry algorithms that identify and cancel out or suppress the sound of wind. With this technology, hearing instrument users can even comfortably ride bicycles.

P.S. Those suffering from hearing loss find that their brains have to make more of an effort to sort through the noise in order to hear what they want to hear. Wind noise reduction helps relieve this burden.

There are many options available today to help hearing impaired individuals live happier, more fulfilled lives. If you’d like to find out more about the innovative technology in today’s hearing instruments, contact us at EAR & HEARING CLINIC. If you have a hearing instrument you are not happy with, bring it to us and we’ll be happy to check it out and discuss other hearing aid options with you. And be sure to ask us about Lyric, the world’s only 100% invisible extended wear hearing device you can wear 24/7 for months at a time.

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