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The most popular hearing instrument is the “receiver-in-the-ear” (RITE) type, which is also referred to as a “receiver-in-canal” (RIC) instrument. While these types of instruments are similar to “behind-the-ear” (BTE) hearing instruments, they differ in important ways.  While a BTE instrument houses all the components in a single case that rests behind the ear, RITE/RIC instruments hold the amplifier and microphone in a case behind the ear and a small bud that contains the receiver is used inside the ear canal. A small tube connects the receiver to the case. The primary advantages of separating the two components are that the case is relatively unobtrusive behind the ear and the speaker fits very comfortably in and on the ear.

P.S. Feedback and occlusion tend to be much less of a problem with RITE/RIC devices than they can be with other hearing instruments.

Keeping pace with the fast-growing technology of today’s hearing industry is an integral part of our business at EAR & HEARING CLINIC. Our experienced staff will use specialized equipment to pinpoint and evaluate your hearing impairment. We then choose among a selection of hearing instruments to match the most appropriate aid with your individual needs. Our services don’t stop there, however, because we know how crucial follow-up care and support are to the successful wearing of any hearing instrument. We can also help with the pairing of Bluetooth devices at our wheelchair- accessible offices.

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