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“Swimmer’s ear” (otitis externa) is infection and inflammation of the ear canal, which can be quite painful and can cause temporary hearing loss. These symptoms often occur as a result of water remaining in the ear after swimming, creating a moist environment for bacterial growth to occur. Cuts or abrasions in the lining of the ear canal (most often from cotton-swab “cleaning”) can also predispose the ear canal to bacterial infection. To treat this problem at home, gently irrigate the ear canal with a solution of equal parts vinegar and alcohol (or select an over-the-counter product). If symptoms persist or worsen, do not hesitate to see a medical professional, who can prescribe antibiotic medication.

P.S. When cotton swabs are used to “clean” the ear canal, it usually results in pushing the earwax (cerumen) deeper into the ear canal, where it becomes compacted and more likely to contribute to an infection.

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