Cochlear Implants

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A cochlear implant is an electronic medical device that replaces the function of the damaged inner ear. They are designed to provide hearing to those with profound deafness. Part of the device is surgically implanted into the inner ear and part is worn externally. As a prosthetic device, the cochlear implant stimulates the auditory or hearing nerve directly, bypassing the damaged part of the inner ear or cochlea.

Cochlear Implants Can Help:

Cochlear Implants Adults


  • Must demonstrate a moderate to severe/profound sensorineural hearing loss
  • Have limited benefit from optimally fitted amplification
  • Hearing loss can be acquired before (pre-linguistic) or after (post-linguistic) learning speech and language
  • No medical contraindications
  • Realistic expectations and a desire to be a part of the hearing world
  • Children
Cochlear Implants Children

Age 0-18 years

  • Severe-to-Profound sensorineural hearing loss bilaterally
  • Receive little or no benefit from appropriate hearing aids
  • No medical contraindications
  • An educational placement where the development of listening and speaking skills is emphasized
  • Family support that includes the commitment to the rehabilitative process

Before receiving a cochlear implant, an extensive evaluation is performed that includes a hearing aid evaluation, an audiological evaluation, an otological evaluation, CT scan, a speech-language evaluation, and possibly a psychological evaluation. These tests are performed to ensure that candidacy requirements have been met and that certain benefits may be provided by the implant. Counseling will also be provided by the cochlear implant team regarding the benefits and risks of cochlear implantation.

*Information borrowed from the Canadian Academy of Audiology

A long time client of ours Lorna Sawatsky was involved in a project with Sunnybrook Hospital. Yamaha teamed up with their cochlear implant department to produce a video about music and hearing (or lack of it).

This whole unbelievable journey would not have been possible without you, your encouragement and support. I am deeply grateful. -Lorna

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