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As a Baby Boomer, attending your share of rock concerts may have caused you to have the same problem as many of your musical heroes. Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton, and Neil Young have all professed to have hearing loss. One symptom you should be on the lookout for is difficulty hearing your partner’s side of the conversation in a noisy restaurant. This hearing problem is usually symptomatic of “presbycusis,” or age-related hearing loss, caused by the death of hair cells in the inner ear. These cells are important because they translate sound vibrations into brain signals. Once they’re damaged – usually from exposure to excess noise – they do not regenerate. Do you frequently ask people to repeat themselves? Are you having difficulty hearing others in large groups? You may have some degree of hearing loss. The first step to improving your hearing is to have a comprehensive test by a trained audiologist. This will help to determine the extent and type of loss.

Visit EAR & HEARING CLINIC at one of our 3 convenient locations. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible hearing care, based upon your individual needs. “Hear the Sounds of Life” with our innovative digital hearing solutions. You can trust our hearing aids for high quality and superior reliability. We take pride in offering the best service and follow-up care to the families in our community. Plus, when you need it, we can provide pairing of Bluetooth devices.

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