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Most of us have experienced a stuffy feeling in our ears after being exposed to loud noise. This protective response, known as “temporary threshold shift” (TTS), is the body’s way of protecting itself from extreme sound. This upward shift in the threshold of human hearing, which is usually caused by being subjected to a loud sound, involves reducing the hearing mechanism’s sensitivity to excessive noise. While most people recover from a TTS event in a day or two, it isn’t something you should ignore. It means that the noise to which you have been exposed could damage your hearing. Regular exposure to excessive noise for long periods of time may result in a “permanent threshold shift” (permanent hearing loss).

You only get one set of ears for life. It’s important to take care of them! If you believe you have a hearing loss, please call EAR & HEARING CLINIC. We offer virtually every brand, model, and type of hearing aid available and will consider your lifestyle, personal preferences, and your specific needs in bringing you the best hearing solutions today’s technology has to offer. Our wheelchair accessible and spacious new office features state-of-the-art technology in a patient-centred environment.

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