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Hearing loss can affect older individuals in ways that may not be readily apparent. Because hearing loss makes it more difficult to carry on a conversation, it can impair the ability to socialize with others, causing hearing-impaired individuals to become anxious, depressed, and paranoid. From a physical standpoint, uncorrected hearing loss has also been linked with a threefold increased risk of falling (compared to people without hearing loss). Hearing loss is also associated with slower walking speed. In fact, a person with hearing loss will walk at the pace of someone who is 12.5 years older. Both the increased risk of falling and slower gait speed may result from hearing loss’ association with inner-ear problems that affect equilibrium.

P.S. According to one 2013 comprehensive review of 50 studies, only 39% of people with hearing loss rated the quality of their lives as “excellent,” while 69% of people with normal hearing did.

Gait and balance are things most of us take for granted, but they are cognitively demanding. If hearing loss imposes a cognitive load, there may be fewer cognitive resources to help with maintaining balance and gait. Many modern hearing aids are extremely effective. If fitted well by an experienced audiologist, they can make a real difference. For more information, please call EAR & HEARING CLINIC. “Hear the Sounds of Life.”

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