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Generally speaking, there are two types of hearing loss. “Sensorineural” hearing loss, which occurs when there is damage to the inner ear (cochlea) or to the nerve pathways from the inner ear to the brain, usually lends itself to treatment with a hearing instrument. “Conductive” hearing loss, which occurs when sound is not conducted efficiently through the outer ear canal to the eardrum and the tiny bones (ossicles) of the middle ear, can be corrected medically or surgically. The danger in not treating ear infections, impacted ear wax, and other common causes of conductive loss is that sound deprivation leads to dramatic changes in the inner ear that may cause irreversible hearing loss.

P.S. Possible causes of conductive hearing loss include fluid in the middle ear from colds, allergies (serous otitis media), perforated ear drums, benign tumors, infection in the ear canal (external otitis), swimmer’s ear (otitis externa), and ear malformation.

To schedule an exam, please call EAR & HEARING CLINIC. We understand hearing loss is a complex problem that requires a multi-faceted treatment protocol. We realize the importance of guidance and personalized care for each individual to treat hearing loss. As your professional hearing experts, our goal is to provide you with excellent service. To schedule an exam, please call our clinic. We are registered members of the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario. “Hear the Sounds of Life.”

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