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Men between ages 20 and 69 years have twice the risk of speech-frequency hearing loss as women do. In women affected by hearing loss, their lessened hearing ability appears to be more prevalent after menopause. With this in mind, many believe that female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) may exert a protective effect over hearing ability that begins to decline around the time of menopause. If this were the case, then it makes sense that “hormone replacement therapy” (HRT) would lower the risk of hearing loss. However, a recent observational study found that women who underwent HRT had a higher risk of hearing loss. The longer women took these replacement hormones, the higher their risk of hearing loss became.

P.S. The study mentioned above should prompt additional research involving a randomized clinical trial. In the meantime, women undergoing hormonal replacement therapy may want to have their hearing tested.

Our primary mission is to help as many people as possible improve their hearing and thus their lives. We hope to help through education, advanced technology, and friendly, compassionate service. For a knowledgeable understanding of the body’s hearing mechanisms and a deep commitment to knowing what’s available today to help each individual’s hearing loss, we welcome you to EAR & HEARING CLINIC. Please call for an appointment for a comprehensive hearing evaluation. We fit hearing devices for the whole family, including infants.

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