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Unilateral hearing loss makes it difficult to sense distance and sound direction. Known as the “head shadowing effect,” listeners with good hearing in only one ear must tilt their heads toward the sound source in order to compensate for the shadowing effect. Audiologists can address this problem with a CROS (Contralateral Routing of Signals) system, which involves sending speech and sounds picked up via microphone on the non-hearing side to the better ear that is outfitted with a receiver. This setup enables sounds from the non-hearing side to be sent to the hearing ear by virtue of a radio signal. As a result, the good ear helps make up for the loss in the bad ear.

P.S. A BiCROS instrument is just like a CROS one except that the device on the good side is actually a fully capable hearing aid for hearing sounds from the good side. It is also capable of receiving the sound transmitted from the CROS aid on the other side.

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