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Hearing loss among the elders in certain primitive tribes is nearly nonexistent because their ears have not been continuously exposed to loud noise. As a result, the health of the “hair cells” of their inner ears (which convert sound waves into nerve signals sent to the brain) remains relatively undiminished. Conversely, older individuals in our part of the world are likely to have experienced a lifetime of loud noise that eventually leads to age-related hearing loss known as “presbycusis.” Age-related hearing loss may also occur as a result of poor blood flow to the inner ear caused by cardiovascular disease and/or diabetes. Whatever the cause of presbycusis, being properly fitted with a hearing instrument may help overcome it.

P.S. A genetic predisposition to hearing loss may also exacerbate age-related hearing loss.

If you have a hearing impairment, you are missing more than just the understanding of words. Hearing keeps you in touch with the world, lets you respond to sound, and reassures you of changing surroundings. EAR & HEARING CLINIC offers comprehensive hearing services by an audiologist, including evaluations, custom fittings, a full range of hearing instruments, accessories, follow-up support, and repairs. As registered members of the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario, we are among the highest qualified regulated hearing health care professionals in Canada.

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