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The biggest news involving hearing instruments in recent years revolves around the introduction and widespread popular acceptance of “open-fit” hearing instruments. What makes these instruments so special is their design, which places miniature digital components completely behind the ear, which eliminates the need for a mould. From there, a small plastic tube attached to the business end of the instrument brings sound to the ear canal. Popular excitement with this type of hearing instrument stems primarily from the fact that it is so comfortable. There is no mould to insert in the ear, and the ear canal remains open, so there is no occlusive (plugged) effect. Open-fit instruments also remain hidden behind the ear and are less visible.

If you believe you have a hearing loss, please call EAR & HEARING CLINIC. Our highly trained staff provides hearing healthcare in a manner that provides you with the information you need for a successful experience with your new hearing instruments. We are committed to providing high-quality hearing care, from hearing assessments and wax removal, to hearing aid evaluations and hearing aid fittings. Our wheelchair accessible and spacious new office features state of the art technology in a patient-centered environment.

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