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As we go through our days at home, at work, and at play, we subject our ears to a number of different listening environments. We might have a quiet conversation over coffee in the morning, while work may be conducted in offices with multiple distractions and steady background noise. Because one program on a hearing instrument cannot be expected to perform equally well in different listening environments, many hearing instruments are outfitted with multiple programs. Each program may be accessed with the push of a button on the instrument or with the use of a remote control. More sophisticated hearing instruments are capable of analyzing the listening environment and adjusting automatically, without touching the hearing instrument or a remote control.

P.S. Some of the remote controls used to access programs on a hearing instrument can act as Bluetooth streaming devices.

Unlike eyeglasses, hearing aids are not an instant fit solution. They need to be programmed according to the hearing loss and may require follow-up appointments for further fine tuning. For first time users it may take an adjustment period to get used to all of the new sounds; your brain needs time to filter out the sounds you don’t want versus those you wish to hear. For more information, please call EAR & HEARING CLINIC. “Hear the Sounds of Life.”

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