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Hearing loss can lead to more than missed snippets of
conversation that leave hearing-impaired individuals at a loss
for words. According to an analysis of the hearing ability and
psychological states over 18,000 adults, hearing-impaired
people are more likely to suffer from depression than those
with excellent hearing and even those who are completely
deaf. While the female participants were less likely than their
male counterparts to suffer from hearing loss, they were more
likely to experience depression as a result of their hearing
impairment. These findings, which confirm the results of
previous smaller studies, may prompt people suffering from
depression to get hearing tests as part of a comprehensive
effort to diagnose its cause.

People who use hearing aids report significant improvements
in many areas of their lives, ranging from their relationships
at home and sense of independence to their social life.
EAR & HEARING CLINIC provides hearing healthcare in a
manner that provides you with the information you need for
a successful experience with your new hearing instruments.
Our wheelchair accessible and spacious new office features
state of the art technology in a patient-centered environment

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