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Did you know that 1.1 billion people around the world are estimated to be at risk of noise-induced hearing loss?

While working in a loud environment or being surrounded by noise may not be something you can always avoid, protecting your hearing IS!

50% of young people admit to listening to their music too loudly and 70% of people exposed to loud noise seldom wear hearing protection. And excessive exposure to noises higher than 85dB can damage your hearing.

Here’s some common noise decibels for reference…

  • Gun shot: 140
  • Jackhammer: 130
  • Motorsport: 100
  • Hairdryer: 90
  • Airplane cabin: 80

We’ve all been around these noises and probably did not even think twice about it. But in order to keep your hearing
healthy, you need to protect it!

Phonak Serenity Choice Plus offers custommade hearing protection for people who need to wear hearing protection on a regular basis (or as needed).

They are custom earplugs with different filters for each application, individually sculpted for a perfect fit and customized hearing protection.

They come in two materials, silicone and acrylic, and two size options, full shell and canal mold.

They cover a wide range of applications including music, motorsport, work, shooting and hunting, flying, comfort, sleep and swimming.

These innovative hearing solutions are designed for people of all ages and all professions and/or situations.

For more information, please call our office at 1-833-669-4425 to find out which ear protection is right for you!

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