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As increasing numbers of people have come to view hearing aids as a technology extension of the smartphone, their coolness factor towards hearing aids has also risen. No longer are they regarded simply as a means of improving hearing health. Hearing instruments with Bluetooth connectivity have attained a new status as communication and information-gathering devices. Although they were once only compatible with Apple’s iOS mobile operating systems, newer Bluetooth hearing instruments offer universal connectivity. This makes them usable with an Android device or even a classic flip phone that is Bluetooth-ready. The latest Bluetooth hearing instruments can answer a phone call with a press of a button on the hearing aid. They have built-in microphones that feature automatic voice pickup, allowing people to have two-way conversations through their hearing instruments!

P.S. A card-sized TV connector enables hearing instruments to plug into the back of a TV to pair with Bluetooth hearing instruments to stream high-fidelity TV sound.

The many marvels that exist in the hearing industry today make it easier than ever to enhance your hearing. You’ll be glad to know you can always expect the best when you put your hearing healthcare needs in the expert, compassionate hands of a Doctor of Audiology at EAR & HEARING CLINIC. Together, we will investigate ways to improve your hearing, and we’ll set realistic goals for better communication. Our objective is to meet all your hearing needs, now and in the future. Call for an appointment at one of our three convenient locations.

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