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It is especially important for hearing instrument users to avoid earwax (cerumen) buildup. Accumulations of the fatty substance produced by the sweat glands inside the ear not only damage the hearing instrument, but they also can reduce its effectiveness by blocking sound, causing feedback, and producing poor fit. Left to its own devices, earwax will normally migrate through the ear canal and shed on its own. However, because a hearing instrument may block the wax’s normal passage, it is recommended that hearing instrument users visit an audiologist every three to six months to inspect their ears with an otoscope and treat earwax impaction as needed. Treatment may involve the use of a dissolving agent, irrigation, or manual removal.

P.S. Hearing instruments need to be cleaned daily and allowed to dry overnight.

When it is difficult to tell whether ear wax or another physical impairment is causing a hearing loss, it’s time for a hearing test. Have a comprehensive hearing evaluation at EAR & HEARING CLINIC so that we may accurately determine the reason behind your hearing loss. And if a hearing instrument is indicated, rest assured we carry a full range of brands and types, and we’ll find the one that is right for you. It might be Lyric, the no-battery contact lens for your ear, the world’s only 100% invisible extended wear hearing device you can wear 24/7 for months at a time. Come see!



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